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Pretty simple loop, but it works as advertised with no obvious restart point. Don't forget you can list Creo in the music credits so people can find his works as well: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/664892

This was really nice and calming. I like the style of the art, which had enough shading to keep it from being too flat. The music selection was spot on for this animation as well.

Some things I liked about it: the energy of the tree roots, the effect of the water drop hitting the leaves, and the little hats the animals escaping the flood had. Normally I'd suggest a bit of colour at the end as the new tree grows in to new life, but I think I like the wash into a white canvas better.

Great work!

Finally someone gets the true horror of self-driving cars! Good job on the animation, I can't find anything to dock points for.

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Seems I found the "sweet spot" because as I write this, the ghost is far off the right side of the playable area racking up score (4k+). The controls for ascend/descend work, but something forced the ghost to rush right and I can't seem to get it back.

I might suggest figuring out what made him flee, and maybe adding some stalactite obstacles which would end his freedom if someone else happens to find the no effort sweet spot (13k+ after proofread).

Tomli responds:

I have updated the game, thanks for the support and tell me if there are any problems!

Except plastic bags and styrofoam are recyclable, most places just don't bother because they have to pay an extra person to sort it off the belt and the cash return on those items is low. The regrettable pursuit of making money over saving the planet.

Everything works, but I'd put some kind of caveat that they can't be recycled in your area vs in general. Otherwise it's false info to say that some of those items are not recyclable when they are (and are directly labeled with the recycling process symbol).

Foamgoswamp responds:

Thanks for the advice, and yes I did realise styrofoam is recyclable but most recycling bins, unfortunately, don't accept them. Some of the ones that are recyclable (but weren't labelled as such) were not put under the recyclable category because, like styrofoam, are unable to be into most recycling bins, but I will consider inserting a caveat in.

Really nice art (not even counting the A rated stuff), and a fun compelling date story included. Keep up the good work!

CyberScherzo responds:

Thank you. Aside from a few filler bits to flesh it out; Sacb0y made all the art for this episode, so you might want to check out some of his other projects, like The Couch.

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Vocals were fine, but the quality suffered a bit. Seemed like it was recorded in an empty room. I did notice an improvement on your Mario submission though, so it looks like you may have sorted that out. Keep at it! Edit to add: say you post that you got a new microphone, that would do it.

Glad to hear you got the recording issue sorted out. Funny commercial, with enough puns and innuendo without being forced. Overall, great quality audio.

Jesse-R-Asner responds:

Thank you my friend!

Sounds good, man. I really like the contrast between the higher electronic and deep guitar. I don't really have any critique to toss in like I normally would. I keep thinking this reminds me of something, but I can't figure out what...

LexRodent responds:

Thanks. Glad you mentioned the contrast between electronic sounds and guitar, I tried something different and sent the guitars a bit down on the mix, I wasn't sure if I did it right or overdid it. This track (and others to come) are partly inspired on PS2 Castlevania games music ; Maybe that's what it reminds you of ?

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Nice to see the eye and ear protection being enforced. Good perspective sketch! Hope the Walther treats you well.

TailsPrower responds:

Safe & responsible gun ownership is best gun ownership! Thanks, this was definitely something outside my comfort zone. Admittedly I may have pointed my pistol towards my head for extended periods of time while drawing this but rest assured I cleared the weapon multiple times consecutively to ensure it was safe haha!

Thanks again for checking out my art

I’m so sorry about this: it’s a-Mei-zing! I really like the soft lines in this, it’s like a classic Christmas portrait.

DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thank you Peregrinus, I'm glad you like it

She’s so excited. I love the style of this!

FuShark responds:


Some kind of electric deer moonlighting as an Audio Moderator.

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