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It’s always nice to see good quality stick fights. It was smooth, and I enjoyed some of the foreground effects like the blades of grass at their feet. I wanted to also say great work on the blood effects!

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ExtinctionGames responds:

Thank you. That blood took a bit of work, so it's nice to hear it's payed off

The sensible solution would be to have one get the bill this time because I'm sure the other one will make good on it "the next time". Except there never is a next time, is there Mark... you just... make a promise that we'll have beers again. And then you always have other plans...

...Oh. A review. Right. Nice art style, it was interesting to see the switch in their personalities displayed through the eyes. I especially like the awkward "waiting for machine to connect" segment, since that always seems to be the case when you just want to be gone.

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LeagueOfTasteClass responds:

Cheers Pergrinus

Great short! I found liked the random sound effects to accent different moods (why is elephant always chaos?). I did find the "animated by" cold open credit a little out of place, because it was a sharp cut to black and felt like and end credits.

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KeithGarces responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely taking all of these solid notes into consideration.

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Functional, mostly. All the commands respond as you said they would. Targets fall briefly when hit, but only if you were aiming at it when you held the trigger down. If you want to spray n pray, no targets respond. If you press and hold the trigger on sniper, the muzzle flash remains onscreen for as long as you hold the left mouse button.

Sound would be nice, but I'm assuming that was left out considering where it is in the dev phase. Keep at it, looks like a great start!

SharpShooter2468 responds:

i am new at action script , so it might take me a while to get this done

Nice puzzle game. The terrain is forgiving enough that you can get most of the way onto the moving platforms safely, but it lacks the element of danger: if you fall in you automatically respawn with no consequence. Everything you've done up to that point is exactly as it was instead of reset. I suggest that as a thing to improve upon.

The audio was nice, it had a bit of a gap in the playback to not be a full loop but I didn't find it bothered me. Nice work overall.

Fun game! It's interesting to have the angle of the bugs fighting back. The only negative point I feel I can bring up is the lack of audio. Also congrats on what is probably a record for "longest time spent Under Judgement" ;)

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AcidMinds responds:

Thanks for playing Peregrinus! I`m sorry about the sound bug, I belelieve it is related to the some browser`s java permission or update. See if there are some java update to be done or any pop-ups to allow on the browser. If it doesn`t work, please contact me and I`ll try to fix the problem. I really intent you to have a good time playing this game.

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I wanted to put this here as a heads up. Soundation was very recently (last week) added to the NG list of programs which aren't available to use to make and upload songs. The reason it was added is that Soundation maintains ownership of all (paid and unpaid) sounds used in and originating from the program. They also have in their ToS that you can't then share those sounds on other platforms (like NG). It's a really crap terms of service they have, which sucks because it is a good entry level program.

Sorry man. :/

Nice preview, interesting mix of Arabic traditional and modern electronic. From about 0:20 onwards to the break at 0:57, everything seems to be in competition. You can still hear the elements of the track, but if feels like each is trying to drown the others out.

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Uxvellda responds:

Yah. Aaand, I am tryin to mimic the style of Xtrullor and Au5. By th way, thanks for your comment!

Really nice blend of DnB and ambient styles! 3:07 to 3:27 didn't quite seems to mesh with the rest of the track, and I was trying to compare it to the art to see how it fit in. Overall, really nice track!

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BeauXuan responds:

Thanks for your review, mate. I really was debating keeping that section because it did sound a bit out of place, I just kinda liked it in a way. That being said, thanks again for your words. :D

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He deserves to have a good day! I like the muscle definition in the legs as well as the bonus sprinkles on top. It’s definitely one of the more odd creatures I’ve seen recently, but it’s neat!

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Aaa she’s cute! I really like her eyes, they convey such a magical aura. Great job!

I really like her outfit! It looks like she has two tails, which is really neat. Nice job at highlighting her hair and clothes as well!

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