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Finally someone gets the true horror of self-driving cars! Good job on the animation, I can't find anything to dock points for.

This was really well done. I like the music selection, you incorporated it really well with the animation to build suspense. The backgrounds were really nicely don, as was the main animation. The ending ending was a little unfulfilling to me, but I know that type of ending cut is an intentional choice :) Good work!

AlexEmery responds:

Glad you liked it!

The heck man. I didn't come here to feel guilty as a result of proven science. Rude.

The animation was pretty simple, but it had a good message which i think made up for it. Shocking twist at the end.

The dialogue was good, and I enjoyed the back-and-forth between the characters. The sound of the voice recording was a bit hollow, so I think that'll be my "point to improve". I don't know what kind of microphone you used, but maybe look into one which is a little more directional. That might help improve the clarity and quality.

Keep it up!

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Seems I found the "sweet spot" because as I write this, the ghost is far off the right side of the playable area racking up score (4k+). The controls for ascend/descend work, but something forced the ghost to rush right and I can't seem to get it back.

I might suggest figuring out what made him flee, and maybe adding some stalactite obstacles which would end his freedom if someone else happens to find the no effort sweet spot (13k+ after proofread).

Tomli responds:

I have updated the game, thanks for the support and tell me if there are any problems!

Except plastic bags and styrofoam are recyclable, most places just don't bother because they have to pay an extra person to sort it off the belt and the cash return on those items is low. The regrettable pursuit of making money over saving the planet.

Everything works, but I'd put some kind of caveat that they can't be recycled in your area vs in general. Otherwise it's false info to say that some of those items are not recyclable when they are (and are directly labeled with the recycling process symbol).

Foamgoswamp responds:

Thanks for the advice, and yes I did realise styrofoam is recyclable but most recycling bins, unfortunately, don't accept them. Some of the ones that are recyclable (but weren't labelled as such) were not put under the recyclable category because, like styrofoam, are unable to be into most recycling bins, but I will consider inserting a caveat in.

Really fun and interactive. The song did me in, good work to whoever wrote that lol. I'm looking forward to the full version!

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Fairly short, but seems to be a good Harley voice. (moved from A Capella to Voice Demo, since it isn't singing in harmony...)

DeathCrystal responds:

Thanks for the review. I might have to redo it. with more dialog since this was a snip it from an audition I was doing.

Stuck in the woods with a dead body seems to be a better alternative to being stuck in a basement with one.

Really funny. I was initially shocked at who could talk that way to their grandfather, but it all makes sense now. Good work!

I had to look up nerdcore, I admit shamelessly. I can definitely see how this fits into nerdcore, it's definitely a blend of hip hip and what could be fantasy elements.

Not really sure how to best describe what I'm poking at here: the three sections you can see on the waveform as being distinctly different, I know the drum line is important to the hip hop side of it but it may be interesting to subdue them a bit during those three lower sections. It may add a bit of a variance between the more traditional hip hop beat and what ends up being closer to medieval instrumental.

Still struggling for the concept: rap battle of hip hop vs medieval, each one takes a lead in sections as the song progresses until they come together for a climax. In one corner, Eminem. In the other corner, Prince Arthur's finest bards.

LexRodent responds:

Nothing wrong with learning new stuff :)

I see what you mean on your suggestion, it's not a bad idea at all. It will be a relatively simple modification that may give this piece a better feel.

That rap battle sounds like fun, specially if the bard sings using old English.

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Oh, so that’s what “Peaches and Cream” is.

I don’t know where to go with the critique...its a good looking peach, and a funny twist on the Bowsette trend. I both love and hate it simultaneously, so good work!

Looks really good, first proper pixel art of Bowsette I've seen so far. I don't even think there's anything I could suggest to improve upon, great work!

Tan Bowsette is best Bowsette. Quick work getting this done so quickly into the trend, it looks great!

MLeth responds:

Agreed! It works so well with the red hair! Thank you :D

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