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Finally someone gets the true horror of self-driving cars! Good job on the animation, I can't find anything to dock points for.

This was really well done. I like the music selection, you incorporated it really well with the animation to build suspense. The backgrounds were really nicely don, as was the main animation. The ending ending was a little unfulfilling to me, but I know that type of ending cut is an intentional choice :) Good work!

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AlexEmery responds:

Glad you liked it!

The heck man. I didn't come here to feel guilty as a result of proven science. Rude.

The animation was pretty simple, but it had a good message which i think made up for it. Shocking twist at the end.

The dialogue was good, and I enjoyed the back-and-forth between the characters. The sound of the voice recording was a bit hollow, so I think that'll be my "point to improve". I don't know what kind of microphone you used, but maybe look into one which is a little more directional. That might help improve the clarity and quality.

Keep it up!

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Really nice art (not even counting the A rated stuff), and a fun compelling date story included. Keep up the good work!

CyberScherzo responds:

Thank you. Aside from a few filler bits to flesh it out; Sacb0y made all the art for this episode, so you might want to check out some of his other projects, like The Couch.

This is really fun! I definitely like the concept of having to reset the chain, but it's certainly a challenge trying to find the right gap in the attacks to do it. The sounds were really fitting (arcade pew) and everything seemed to work as it should. Good job!

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PaperCookies responds:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it all (and the pew!) :)

This is pretty fun! It doesn't take long to get used to, but a small tutorial or some instruction in the Author Comments might be a nice addition. Sounds work when they should and aren't annoying or overbearing. Maybe a little low level ambient music would add to the experience.

For backgrounds, it would be nice to have some variation between the inside and outside of the "cave" play area.

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Came for the Shima Rin icon, stayed for the Lo-Fi :)

I'll be honest in that I haven't given Lo-Fi much of a chance, I always sorta grouped it in with weird aesthetic stuff like "x song played from a room down the hall".

So with that extensive background knowledge: I think this was the first full Lo-Fi track I've listened to end to end, and I liked it. There was definitely and ambient feel to the track, which had both clear and muted elements I found balanced out fairly well.

I don't feel the quick vocal line at 0:28 fit in with the rest of the track, as it sounded a bit like a tin robot and not quite in the same tone as the rest of the track.

I'm going to disagree with TL on the fade out, but honestly I don't know how else a track like this ends asides from softly.

Good work!

This was a really nice piano waltz. There was a point where a note at 0:48 trailed off for four seconds, and then there was a one second silence at 0:53. That part got my attention as I was looking away, and hit the trail note and silence and I looked up for a moment and thought "wait it can't be over yet". I think that would be my one suggestion to modify somehow, maybe cut out that tiny segment of silence. It would also be interesting to develop this further with a very light strings quartet accompaniment. Good work mate. (vote score rounded up, cause first vote)

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LexRodent responds:

Glad you enjoyed this. I have to admit that brief silence feels a bit weird ; I'll extend those notes so it's just the 3rd quarter before the second part starts.
Having some background strings could be nice indeed.
I'll give it a try and see if I can come up with something nice.
Thanks for listening and your review.

Really nice inclusion of a bit of natural ambient in the intro and mid-way. This track has some great energy to it, but also has a breather at the half to not be overwhelming or repetitive. Congrats on frontpage, keep it up!

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I liked her so much I adopted her and named her Iona. Thanks for the opportunity!

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holikrep responds:

Ahh that's a lovely name ;u; <3 thank you ! I'm so happy you like her

Good looking Tenryuu! I like the highlights you did on this piece.

Bentusi-Paladin responds:

Thank you!

Don’t lewd Destroyers D:

On a serious note, the shown art is really good. It’s not too common to see art of Z1 and Z3, they’re under-appreciated. Good work!

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