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GD Warning images & related

Posted by Peregrinus - May 15th, 2018

Carrying over from the Audio forum topic "Cant use my song for Geometry Dash?", so we don't keep beating that dead horse and pestering the OP.

No sign, rules list, or combination thereof will ever stop 100% of the unwanted outcome. But it can prevent 95%. I don't know what the stats were like right around the time custom GD levels were released, but I understand "pretty bad" is an understatement. 

Currently, since my job is actually pattern analysis (and just going from casual memory) there is an average of 10-15 stolen audio submission on Mondays through Thurdsays, then it increases through Friday to peak on Saturday at around 25-30 submissions. I might dig back to see what days are most common per source (NCS, anime opening, etc). If a small change can reduce even 5 submissions a day (more is better), that's less to flag, less to have mods remove, and less risk of a Big Label filing a DMCA. 

Some psychology behind my background colour choice: if its good enough for construction signs and school busses, it's good enough for an AP warning. Also, orange aids in decision making and understanding. The shift from dark to light orange is a bonus, since it goes from aggressive caution to reassurance. They just want to play a fun game. Newgrounds wants to not be in litigation.

I can make the .psd files available for anyone with more artistic talent than I have. I've used Ps Elements 7, so I can't guarantee forward compatability. 

Another unrelated thought, which I suppose could cross-thread to "Ways to improve the Audio Portal?" would be to have the option "Allow external API use" disabled for non scouted users. I don't know if that's a thing, I was grandfathered in to the scouted section so apparently I'm "reliable" and "trustworthy".

The images below would ideally (out of my lane for deciding) replace the current passive blue one, and link to a locked sticky explaining why this is the way it is, and how the process works (aka, hope RobTop-senpai notices you).

Tags for input etc, restricted to those who participated in the discussion (feel free to tag others, I don't want to flood the inbox of everyone).

@ADR3-N @Troisnyx @LexRodent @Daru925


Edit to say that image 2 seems most agreed upon. I changed the original text "geo dash" to the full name of the game. Some variations are below:

Version 2a: black shadow, full size demon

Version 2b: white shadow, full size demon

Version 2c: white shadow, smaller demon

Version 2d: black shadow, smaller demon

Version 5a: (because continuity is for chumps) white border, small demon. Greasy edit because I suck at lineart.

Version 5b: black border (pending need)


Comments (11)

The second is probably the best IMHO.

@Troysnyx (it would’t let me reply), I just edited the second image to make the red text be more clear

Second one caught my eye the most. Although I have a problem seeing red on orange. May try a very thin outline. Otherwise, the change from blue to orange is a 2000% improvement.

Based on your rough estimate, the demographic for the thefts seems like school children through college age kids (community colleges often get three day weekends year round).

Also, downloads are disabled by default for unscouted users. I can't recall if external API is disabled, but this would deter some theft. People may just ask to be scouted, so if it could be explained next the the API box that unscouted GD API is disabled, and asking to be scouted or uploading stolen content in attempt to be scouted will net a ban, that's a deterrent.

@TomFulp you may dig this.

@ADR3-N Im not great at making bordered text, not sure if theres a version of the TekutekuAL/NG font with that option. I’ll look into it. I agree red-on-orange is hard on the eyes (moreso for colourblindness). Maybe black bordering the red?

Another vote for the 2nd image.
The only thing I'm not quite sure it's the size of the "demon face". I think a smaller size will still make it perfectly recognizable and a bit less distracting from the text.
It's a good idea to put some some psychology behind the design, after all we seem to be dealing with people who doesn't seem to put too much reason on their doings.

よ!Second one :)
I agree that "It will not work" might be a little hard to read, but it has sort of hypnotic quality, maybe that's what you'd need to get the message through teenagers' minds^^

@ADR3-N, @Troisnyx, @LexRodent @Daru925 (I'm sorry, I get a "0 is not a valid post" when I try to reply), four sub-versions are up alternating white and black shadowing, original and smaller demon faces. I haven't figured out a full border. I may have to dig my tablet out and draw one at some point. I'll rope @Ultramartyr in to this convo as well, since they weighed in on the thread.

White shadow works better IMHO, but there's still visibility issues. Maybe white outline around the red text might work better?

@Troisnyx @ADR3-N, check version 5a for white border.

2D is my personal fave

Seconding ADR3-N on 2D